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Speedway world cup 2019 - new recording
My dear friends - THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience with the live streaming of Speedway World Cup yesterday (and congratulations for the winner!) - we're so happy to have been part of this world cup!
As you surely know, the race at Holstebro was cancelled due to bad weather and the bad conditions of the race track and within only 4 hours had to be moved to the other race track at Holsted.
Unfortunately, nobody could have prepared for this, so we had problems getting af fast internet connection speed at Holsted and the live streaming of the race was not as good as the recording we did.
This Monday morning, I will take time to re-upload a new version of the race with better image quality for those of you - maby especially the riders themselves, that would like to watch the race in full image quality.
It will take med 4-5 hours because of the amount of video data but I promise you all to do it as fast as possible. It will be at https://www.prosonas.com/da/livestream-speedway-vm-2019-ungdomsfinalerne-holstebro-21-juli in a few hours from now!
Take care, Kenneth WedMore Lund, partner ProSonas SportsBooster - Livestreaming A/S

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